Training Increases Up Time and Improves Morale


  • Allows plants to maintain systems with minimal assistance
  • Enables plants to fine-tune systems to meet their needs
  • Provides plant employees with new skills
  • Increases confidence and improves employee morale
  • Creates new employee career opportunities

Why I2R Training

  • Our instructors wear steel-toed boots
    I2R instructors are full-time engineers who spend time on the plant floor and train our customers as part of their job. They have experienced many of the challenges you face and know how to find practical solutions.
  • Completely customized
    I2R training is completely customized to teach the specific skills your employees need.
  • Measurable results
    Students take skill assessment tests on the first and last days to benchmark their skill levels and measure their progress. Daily reviews and guided quizzes ensure students fully understand the material.
  • Familiar system
    Students train on the hardware and software used at your plant, ensuring they can directly apply their new skills and knowledge.

Courses Custom-Designed to Your Specifications

We provide courses custom designed to meet your specific hardware and software needs, including courses for various manufacturers of PLCs such as these:

Any PLC hardware
Any OIT software

Electrical drawings

Variable speed drives

We also offer a range of standard courses:

PLC Basic Beginner PLC Intermediate PLC Advanced Factory Floor Computer
4 Day Course 4 Day Course 3 Day Course 3 Day Course
Electrical connections to the PLC PID Control Basics & Minor Tuning Replacing a Hard Drive Replacing a Hard Drive
Introduction to Ladder Logic Advanced Analog Controls Getting a Computer on the Network Getting a Computer on the Network
PLC Online and Offline Adding New Ladder Logic Backing Up Data & Applications Backing Up Data & Applications
Troubleshooting Discrete Devices Network Troubleshooting Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Computer Hardware Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Motors      
Variable Speed Drive      
(VSD) Control      
OIT Communications      
Backing up the Program